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On 28/06/14 12:02, OmegaPhil wrote:
> Package: freeplane Version: 1.2.23+dfsg1-1
>> Hi,
>> as written on another thread, it would be good to know if you can
>>  reproduce the issue with another Java application like jedit 
>> (packaged in Debian). This way we would know if it's a Java or 
>> Freeplane/FreeMind issue.
>> Cheers, Eric
> I have seen this now - the only other Java editing program that I 
> knowingly use is Eclipse (which I have used for years) - this
> doesnt have the problem.
> I finally have Java progression now, so I am looking into killing
> this problem. Currenty looking into how maven works and then how to
> resolve dependencies in some sort of local Debian way (freeplane
> does not build from source without some local maven mangling).

Right, I have added debug code to
org.freeplane.view.swing.ui.DefaultNodeKeyListener.keyPressed and
keyTyped, and can trivially demonstrate the problem - after keeping
freeplane busy moving nodes around on my C mindmap, at some point it
gives up and keystrokes no longer reach DefaultNodeKeyListener.

Currently due to starting Java progression with a different Java
project, my main IDE for Java is NetBeans. freeplane defines maven
dependencies that are not in the central repository (and don't appear
to be made to work with the Debian maven-helper stuff):

forms-1.0.5.jar: Very old
freeplane-jortho-<freeplane version>.jar: No 'freeplane' directory
exists in the central repository??
freeplane-simplyHTML--<freeplane version>.jar: Same

As these dependencies are unresolvable, NetBeans will not run or debug
the project. I can see in the real installation that manifest files
have been hacked to point to versionless jars in /usr/share/java, but
it is too early for me to start hacking maven stuff as I've only just
read into it today.

How would you get NetBeans to run in this case?

Once I get breakpoints in, I expect to find a little bit more about
the problem, but will probably decide Swing is screwing up. Then it is
time to debug OpenJDK!!

Thanks for any help.

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