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> On 7. 7. 2014, at 1:59, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz 
> <> wrote:
> Hi Ondřej!
> Is there anything that speaks against applying Thorsten's patch to
> fix the FTBFS of db5.3 on m68k?
> If not, would you be so kind and apply his patch so that db5.3 is
> also built on this particular Debian port? I'd also be happy to do
> an NMU if necessary.
> The m68k port has lots of fans in the retro-computing scene (Apple,
> Atari and Amiga users) and we recently got some (small) funding from
> Debian approved by our DPL Lucas Nussbaum to support our work.
> I am fully aware of the fact that m68k machines are (currently) not
> something what most people would use for production. However, the
> port is now on a very good way and we have several people investing
> some time to revive the port and our users appreciate it.
> PS: Even Greg Kroah-Hartman likes the m68k port when I was asking him
>    at LinuxTag and he said the code is there to stay in the kernel
>    since the port helps finding compatibility regressions in the
>    kernel which can also affect other, newer architectures.
> Thanks a lot!
> Adrian
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