Le 30/07/2014 08:13, Paul Wise a écrit :

> It is part of the source package, which is part of Debian, which the
> Debian project has promised will comply with the DFSG, which requires
> source code. In addition the ftp team has recently re-stated their
> requirement for source for all source and binary packages. If you would
> like to override the DFSG and or ftp team's position on it, the right
> mechanism to do that is a General Resolution.

Thank you for sharing your opinion Paul, I still think this is
completely absurd though. The file jquery.js is not and will never be
used, displayed, parsed, interpreted, executed, tested, transformed or
processed. It's impossible to sensibly call that a source file.

The DFSG states "The program must include source code" and I confirm
that all parts of activemq that constitute the program executed by the
end users have a proper source file.

I understand it's easier for the FTP Team to consider all elements of
the source packages equally. From a reviewer point of view it would be
difficult to understand how every new package works and what is really
used or not. It may slow down the review process and hamper the project.
But I find it a bit sad that this interpretation is used to hunt down
aggressively harmless issues in existing packages.

Emmanuel Bourg

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