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Hi ftpmasters,

sorry for putting a possibly tricky task onto you.  We migrated the
cofaja package from Debian Med team (where the source package name was
libcofoja-java) to Debian Java team which has choosen the source package
name cofoja.  It seems this has caused trouble which was discussed on
Debian Mentors:

* Andreas Tille <>, 2014-08-14, 10:48:
>I'm goggling on

This script might be a bit confused.

>so we have *both* 1.1-r150-1 and 1.1-r150-2 in unstable.  I have no 
>idea how this can happen.  Any clue?

libcofoja-java_1.1-r150-1 was built from src:libcofoja-java
libcofoja-java_1.1-r150-2 was built from src:cofoja

One of the source packages should be removed from the archive.

----> Please remove src:libcofoja-java (1.1-r150-1).

Sorry for the trouble


Jakub Wilk

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