On 25.08.2014 18:06, Miguel Landaeta wrote:
>> I'm now going to rebase your "debian-build" patch. Perhaps some of those
>> dependencies can be avoided.
> I'll take care of the missing B-D on JavaEE 6.0/7.0 API.

I have pushed a new branch, experimental, and the upstream sources a few
minutes ago. I think I have now rebased the Debian specific build.patch
but I'm currently stuck with this error message:

/tmp/buildd/mojarra-2.2.8+dfsg/build.xml:103: The following error
occurred while executing this line:
/tmp/buildd/mojarra-2.2.8+dfsg/jsf-test/build.xml:80: The following
error occurred while executing this line:
/tmp/buildd/mojarra-2.2.8+dfsg/jsf-api/build.xml:201: taskdef class
com.sun.faces.ant.ComponentGenTask cannot be found
 using the classloader

I was also thinking if it would be possible to reduce the Debian
specific changes and whether we could simply use upstream's build.xml
and build.properties files.

For instance the README recommends to copy build.properties.glassfish to
build.properties while this file is currently created with a patch and
contains only a single line and it seems debian/build.properties isn't
even used.

Hints for simplifying this build.patch are appreciated. I guess that
would directly translate into easier maintenance over time.

So far


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