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>>> CVE-2014-3120[0]:
>>> | The default configuration in Elasticsearch before 1.2 enables dynamic
>>> | scripting, which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary MVEL
>>> | expressions and Java code via the source parameter to _search.  NOTE:
>>> | this only violates the vendor's intended security policy if the user
>>> | does not run Elasticsearch in its own independent virtual machine.

>>Hi Salvatore.  I've checked the current version in the archive and it
>> definitely is vulnerable.  I've made a patch and am just running some
>> build tests now.
>> I'm hoping that Hilko can make an upload as I'm not on the uploaders
>> and don't really know how anyway.
>Hi Tim,
>Thanks for helping out with this bug.  If you could attach your patch
>(the debdiff tool can be helpful here) to the bug report, either Hilko
>or I (or any DD) can rebuild and upload.

Attached.  I didn't know about debdiff - what a great tool!

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