The update of maven-bundle-plugin to the version 2.3.7 has caused build
failures on javamail (#761548) and sisu-guice (#761522). After reverting
to the version 2.3.5 they both build fine.

For javamail, I checked out a clean copy of the upstream source,
upgraded maven-bundle-plugin to 2.3.7 in the pom and built directly with
Maven. It worked fine, so the upgrade to 2.3.7 alone isn't enough to
explain the issue, something else specific to the Debian packaging is

After investigating the maven-bundle-plugin change history it seems this
regression was caused by the fix for FELIX-3165 [1][2]. Restoring these
lines in the ManifestPlugin.execute() method fixed the issue for
javamail and sisu-guice:

    if ( supportedProjectTypes.contains(
getProject().getArtifact().getType() ) )
        Builder builder = buildOSGiBundle( project, instructions,
properties, classpath );
        manifest = builder.getJar().getManifest();
        manifest = getManifest( project, instructions, properties,
classpath );

I'm going to patch maven-bundle-plugin and restore the old behaviour
when a Debian specific system property is set.

Emmanuel Bourg


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