Il 06/10/2014 12:09, Emmanuel Bourg ha scritto:
libjetty8-java-doc already recommends default-jdk-doc, maybe you meant "suggested" instead?

I may have used the wrong terms here, sorry. What I find questionable is that, as I said in my original report, if I try to install libjetty8-java-doc, APT by default says it will install other Javadoc packages as well, for a total of almost 300MB of data... I don't think these dependency Javadoc packages are actually needed for me to read the Jetty 8 documentation. They might be "useful" in some cases, but nothing more.

I just learnt I can use --no-install-recommends apt-get parameter (I expect aptitude to have something similar) to filter out recommended packages, but that's not what I would expect by default.

This is just my opinion. Thanks for your feedback!

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