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On Tue, 28 Oct 2014 11:05:11 +0000 Steven Chamberlain <> 
> Hi,
> On 28/10/14 03:16, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> > This package currently depends on libjinput-jni, which is currently
> > not build on the kfreebsds (#657771), so the libjinput-java is
> > uninstallable on those architectures.
> Not a bug?

I think it is a bug because we want jinput to be available on all
supported architectures. However the severity should be normal.

> libjinput-java is an Arch: all package.
> I assume it's actually okay that it is uninstallable on some arches;
> FTP master can't very well remove it from those and not the others.
> src:jinput does also build libjinput-jni which is Arch: any, but that
> FTBFS on kfreebsd on sid/jessie:
> I don't think it has ever built before on kfreebsd so, I don't think
> that could be an RC bug either?

Agreed. The package never built on kfreebsd-*, so this is not RC in my



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