severity 768721 important

On 10/11/14 at 00:48 +0100, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> I have been able to reproduce this error repeatedly with pbuilder, but I
> don't get the test failures outside pbuilder with openjdk-7 and
> openjdk-8. This issue has already been reported in September (#761523)
> but was closed afterward.
> The cglib package has been replaced by cglib3 and is no longer used in
> Jessie, so this issue could be safely ignored and/or the package removed
> from testing. The cglib package is likely to be upgraded to the version
> 3.x in Jessie+1 and replace cglib3, so it should be preserved in sid.

In a build with parallel builds disabled, the package builds fine. It
might be related. In any case, I think it makes the bug non-RC, given we
have a clean path for rebuilding it.


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