It seems the author of JSON-lib removed the "shall be used for Good, not
Evil" license in 2009 [1] because in 2006 Douglas Crockford released a
version of the library licensed under the Apache-2.0 license to
allow its integration with the Apache Abdera project [2]. In the Abdera
repository the NOTICE file [3] contains this note:

"This software's extensions module contains a JSON writer for Atom XML
that utilizes a JSON parser, Copyright (c) 2002, The code was
licensed using Apache License by the author Douglas Crockford and made
available at We have included portions
of the code in the extensions module."

The URL no longer works, but there are
confirmations this URL contained an Apache licensed version of the
library [4] and a copy of this file is hosted by the Fedora project [5].

This confirms the code used in JSON-lib is legitimately
licensed under the Apache-2.0 license.


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