On 14.11.2014 12:46, Hilko Bengen wrote:
> * Timo Aaltonen:
>> This sounds more like a dupe of #722665 where the fault is that
>> libjackson-json-java never should've had the symlink called
>> jackson-core-java... 
> Which package should provide the versionless .jar file?
> Is the versionless .jar file needed at all?
> Was any of libjackson-json-java's reverse dependencies[1] broken when
> the versionless .jar was removed from the package?

Not that I know of.

> epubcheck seems to be fine because it has
> /share/java/jackson-core-asl.jar, /usr/share/java/jackson-mapper-asl.jar
> in its classpath.
> Would any of libjackson2-core-java's reverse dependencies[2] break if we
> removed the versionless .jar from the package? At least mediathekview
> would break. I think things should be left as they are, only proper
> Breaks/Replaces as suggested by the submitter should be added. I will
> upload a fixed package tonight.

yes, B/R would be fine of course

>> Renaming the versionless jar symlink in -core would break other
>> software (dogtag-pki for instance).
> dogtag-pki is a curious case: pki-server depends on parts of both
> Jackson 1.x and 2.x. Is this actually correct?

should be, beats me why they use both.


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