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> Hi from the Paris Bugs Squashing Party :)

Thank you for helping!

> In order to help people who participate, can you (jenkins' maintainer)
> describe what you intend to do, and if help is possible?
> - The security ~fix is a new slave->master access control system
> - Jenkins releases a "LTS" version every 3 months
> - Debian currently doesn't ship the current "LTS" from last month, but
>   the one before, which doesn't seem supported anymore.
> - Options that I see are either pushing the current LTS in Debian,
>   backporting the new access control system, or drop the package.
> Let us know what is your suggested course of action.

The new LTS is probably too big to be pushed to testing now. As an
alternative I'm considering either disabling the master/slave mechanism,
or adding a big red warning in the UI to inform the user about the risks.

Emmanuel Bourg

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