On 11/16/2014 09:53 AM, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> As I understand ant is pulled through
> maven-debian-helper->velocity->ant. How did you manage to install the
> build dependencies without ant installed?
> Ant is a direct dependency so it would be a good idea to add it to the
> build deps, but this error should not happen with the current dependency
> graph.

Hi Emmanuel,

I believe what Daniel is saying is that if you rebuild the entire
dependency chain, ant isn't being pulled in (by velocity).

Or put another way, there is a difference between the dependency graph
that exists for the binary build-deps in the archive, and the dependency
graph created by rebuilding all of the build-deps in the archive from

Daniel, first, do I have that right, and secondly, is your rebuild on
jessie or sid?

In any event, no harm in adding ant directly, although it would be good
to determine if this is a class of FTBFS bugs instead of an isolated
instance.  E.g., there may be other packages that were expecting
velocity to pull in ant.  (Theoretically, because I haven't looked into
it, but velocity appears to be long overdue for some freshening...)


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