On 11/15/2014 03:20 PM, gregor herrmann wrote:
> Control: retitle -1 libjogl2-java: FTBFS on arm64
> On Sat, 15 Nov 2014 18:44:05 +0100, gregor herrmann wrote:
>> libjogl2-java failed to build on arm64, ppc64el, and s390x because of
>> a bug in gluegen2 (#769003) which should be fixed in 2.2.4-2.
> https://buildd.debian.org/status/logs.php?pkg=libjogl2-java&ver=2.2.4%2Bdfsg-1
> ppc64el and s390x built.
> arm64 fails but AFAICS differently than before. My assumptions are
> that
> - gluegen2/#769003 is ok
> - libjogl2-java has a different problem on arm64
> This probably needs some deeper Java knowledge ...

Hmmm...  I installed the build-deps into an arm64 sid chroot on asachi
(arm64 porterbox) to take a look, but it seems to build okay now.

> (sid_arm64-dchroot)tmancill@asachi:~/libjogl2-java/libjogl2-java-2.2.4+dfsg$ 
> debuild -us -uc -B
> dh_builddeb -plibjogl2-jni 
> dpkg-deb: building package `libjogl2-jni' in 
> `../libjogl2-jni_2.2.4+dfsg-1_arm64.deb'.
>  dpkg-genchanges -B >../libjogl2-java_2.2.4+dfsg-1_arm64.changes
> dpkg-genchanges: binary-only arch-specific upload (source code and arch-indep 
> packages not included)
>  dpkg-source --after-build libjogl2-java-2.2.4+dfsg
> dpkg-buildpackage: binary-only upload (no source included)

Am I missing something, or can we try to run this through the buildd again?


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