On 11/21/2014 01:35 AM, James Cowgill wrote:
> Source: androidsdk-tools
> Version: 22.2+git20130830~92d25d6-1
> Severity: minor
> Hi,
> Currently the Vcs fields of this package point to:
>  git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-java/androidsdk-tools.git
>  http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-java/androidsdk-tools.git;a=summary
> but these pages don't exist, I just get an error when visiting them.

Hi James,

That's strange - thank you for pointing this out.  I have pushed the
copy of the repo I had locally (from looking at this package for
sponsoring in summer of 2013) and used git-import-dsc to pull in the
current version in testing/unstable.  This should make it easier to work
on the FTBFS bug.

Jakub or Stephan, if you have a better/more complete copy of the repo,
please scratch what's in /git/pkg-java/androidsdk-tools.git and push
your repo.

The link is currently still broken, but I think we're just waiting for a
cronjob to run on alioth.  Once it's there, I'll close the bug.


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