As I understand the code, these files are not strictly necessary to run
the <fx:deploy> Ant task. By adding the includeDT="false" attribute to
the task the script will be loaded from
instead of being embedded. With includeDT="true" the task will break
with an exception.

We can try adding back the script for now, but I'm a bit concerned that
it will slowly diverge from the one distributed by Oracle and may break
at some point in the future by lack of active maintenance. I compared
the last GPL version of dtjava.js in the commit you pointed out with the
version from Java 8u25 and they are already different. The version from
Java 8u25 has IE 11 support for example, and there are more changes in
Java 8u40.

I'll try contacting the JavaFX developers and see if they are willing to
open source the script.

Emmanuel Bourg

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