On 16/12/14 3:48 PM, "tony mancill" <tmanc...@debian.org> wrote:

>On 12/14/2014 12:39 PM, Miguel Landaeta wrote:
>> Package: src:jruby
>> Version: 1.5.6-9
>> Severity: wishlist
>> I need a recent jruby version so I'll give a try to update this
>> package.
>> It's going to take time as anything related with Maven and missing
>> dependencies can take.
>Hi Miguel,

Hi and welcome Miguel!

>Just so you're aware, and to try to facilitate coordination, Tim Potter
>is also working on this and the packaging of the necessary r-deps.  An
>updated jnr-x86asm is now in experimental as part of that effort.
>Here are the r-dep ITPs I'm aware of, and I think that #771271 is
>already covered by the existing jffi package (but which also needs an
>> #771267 [w|  |  ] [wnpp] ITP: jnr-unixsocket -- Java access to native
>>libraries for unix sockets
>> #771268 [w|  |  ] [wnpp] ITP: jnr-enxio -- Java extended native
>>cross-platform I/O library
>> #771269 [w|  |  ] [wnpp] ITP: jnr-ffi -- Java library for loading
>>native libraries without writing writing JNI code
>> #771271 [w|  |  ] [wnpp] ITP: jnr-jffi -- Low-level library
>>implementing the JNR Java foreign function interface
>> #771272 [w|  |  ] [wnpp] ITP: jnr-constants -- Java library to
>>encapsulate constants in native libraries

These packages are nearly ready to go - there's some technical reason why
the jffi (aka jnr-jffi) package doesn't quite work and it's a dependency
for everything else.  I've also been working on an update to version 1.0
for the yecht package but it has some native JAR weirdness going on that I
don't understand.

I haven't looked at anything else, so if you want to get started there's
plenty of places that need work.

>Nice to have multiple folks interested in this.

Yup.  It's a big project as the build system and dependencies have change
considerably since the 1.5 packages were made.


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