On 12/30/2014 05:18 AM, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:
> Here are the relevant commits to backport:
> Always ignore case when forbidding .git in ObjectChecker
> https://github.com/eclipse/jgit/commit/07612a6
> Disallow ".git." and ".git<space>"
> https://github.com/eclipse/jgit/commit/10310bf
> Disallow Windows shortname "GIT~1"
> https://github.com/eclipse/jgit/commit/a09b1b6
> Disallow names potentially mapping to ".git" on HFS+
> https://github.com/eclipse/jgit/commit/d476d2f

I spent some time looking at this too, but from the perspective of what
upstream release branches have these commits.

They are on stable-3.4, which is version 3.4.2 (and is the closest to
3.4.0, which is what we have in jessie/sid), but upstream didn't apply
them to stable-2.0 (wheezy).  So I think the patches will need to be
cherry-picked or hand-applied to our source versions.

We'll also need to create security-${RELEASE} branches in the pkg-java
repo for this, as 3.5.2 has already been staged on master.

I do wonder how many of our users are running case-insensitive file
systems though...


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