The modello.git repository on Alioth was created by cloning the upstream
SVN repository instead of the packaging repository, thus the package
history is lost and I don't think it's a good idea to use it.

I'm wondering too why the modello package was forked for the version
1.4. I tried to build maven2-core with modello 1.4 and it worked fine.
So it seems it should be possible to maintain only one version.

I plan the reconcile and upgrade the modello packages in the following way:
- Copy or rename the 1.4 repository on Alioth (modello1.4 -> modello)
- Add a modello-1.1 branch to this repository created by importing the
SVN repository on Alioth
- Upgrade the modello package to the latest 1.8.x release
- Update the maven package to use libmodello-java
- Remove libmodello1.4-java

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