Hi Luke,

Thank you very much for the review.

Le 18/05/2015 06:00, Luke Faraone a écrit :

> ./paranamer-ant/src/java/com/thoughtworks/paranamer/ant/ParanamerTask.java:
>         BSD-3-Clause
>         2009 Timothy Cleaver
> ./paranamer/src/java/com/thoughtworks/paranamer/PositionalParanamer.java
>         BSD-3-Clause
>         2013 Stefan Fleiter

I added them to debian/copyright.

> ./paranamer-distribution/src/site/resources/show_ads.js:
>         probably safely removable, along with everything in src/site

Good catch, this is a compressed minified JavaScript file, I removed it
from the upstream tarball.

> ./paranamer/src/resources/javadocs/jdk5.zip
> ./paranamer/src/resources/javadocs/jdk6.zip
> ./paranamer/src/resources/javadocs/jdk1.4.zip
> ./paranamer/src/resources/javadocs/jdk7.zip
> ./paranamer/src/resources/javadocs/jdk1.4/docs/java
> ./paranamer/src/resources/javadocs/jdk1.4/docs/java/io
> ./paranamer/src/resources/javadocs/jdk1.4/docs/java/io/File.html
> ./paranamer/src/resources/javadocs/jdk5/docs/java
> ./paranamer/src/resources/javadocs/jdk5/docs/java/io
> ./paranamer/src/resources/javadocs/jdk5/docs/java/io/File.html
>       Are these used for anything? If so, they should be documented in the
>       copyright, if not, removed.

They are used by the tests, I'm unsure about the licensing terms, but
since a network connectivity is required to use so I removed them from
the upstream tarball.

> ./paranamer/src/test/test.jar
>         What is this used for? Same as the above.

This is a sample jar processed by the tests. paranamer is a library
parsing compiled Java classes and returning the names of the methods
parameters, that's why the tests ensure that reading a class from a jar
works properly.

test.jar should be seen as a passive test object, similarly to a jpeg
file tested by an image processing library or a sound file processed by
an audio library.

The actual class inside test.jar is an older incarnation of the
SpecificMethodSearchable class defined inside
BytecodeReadingParanamerTestCase.java which is also BSD-3-clause licensed.

I'll add a comment clarifying this in debian/copyright.

Emmanuel Bourg

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