Congratulations on finishing your exams Komal. Currently I am trying to
package JaCoCo, which does not exist in Debian but used by Gradle. I think
in order to package a fully functional Gradle we should first package all
the missing dependencies, ignoring the outdated dependencies for now. When
dealing with the building scripts for Gradle, we can simply change the
dependency version. This is the fastest solution I can think of.

Also note that I have confirmed that we can use the mathematical interval
format in the dependency version of Gradle build scripts. For example,
org.apache.ant:ant:[1.9.4, ) matches all ant-*.jar with version greater
than 1.9.4, while org.apache.ant:ant:1.9.4 only matches ant-1.9.4.jar. This
is similar to Maven 3. Using this trick and the maven-repo feature in
Debian we can perfectly solve the dependency problem when packaging Gradle.

Also I have confirmed that the current Gradle 1.5-2 won't download missing
plugins during a build, which means packaging the missing dependencies like
JaCoCo, PMD and sonar-runner is necessary.

2015年5月19日 下午2:19 於 "Komal Sukhani" <komaldsukh...@gmail.com> 寫道:

> Hi everyone,
> Finally my exam ended!!! Now I could start the work.
> Kai-Chung I have seen your addition to wiki. You have completed the list
> by adding release notes of 2.x version. To ensure that nothing is left out
> I
> will recheck the list and start with further work.
> Komal Sukhani
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