On 05/24/2015 05:10 PM, Rogério Brito wrote:
> Dear Tony,
> On May 24 2015, tony mancill wrote:
>> We're in the midst of a fairly significant transition of the libraries
>> required for jruby and jython.
> That's amazing, thank you very much.
> Some extra information: I was able to make things work by just downgrading
> jython and nothing else. Does that mean that jython is at a fault here?
> More precisely, jython 2.5.3-3 works perfectly, but version 2.5.3-5 gives
> the result that I reported, even if the rest of the dependencies are kept as
> of unstable.
>> Looking at the dependencies below, it appears that I need to adjust the
>> versioned dependencies of jython's binary package to be sure that it
>> can't be installed alongside the old libconstantine-java and jnr-posix
>> packages.
> Can you confirm that jython 2.5.3-3 works, but that 2.5.3-5 is broken, even
> with the updated versions of unstable? I hope that this guides you while
> expressing the dependencies.

I'm certain that -5 will break in unstable/testing.  -4 includes new
patches and build-deps that require the versions of jnr-constants and
jnr-posix that will be in the archive soon (jnr-posix is still in NEW).

We were anticipating the break in unstable, but it is my mistake that
the jython package migrated to tested prior to its dependencies.  I was
focused on the build-deps, but neglected to verify that these would
translate into the desired binary package dependencies.  Once the newer
versions of the dependencies hit the archive, the situation will be
reversed and you will be required install the newer jython.

I am going to upload -6.  Do people think it's worth it to try to get -5
removed from the archive?

Thank you,

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