Le 17/11/2014 03:16, Daniel Schepler a écrit :

> By the way, after I built maven-jarjar-plugin with ant added, I got a
> similar failure building sisu-guice:

I confirm this issue with a rebuilt version of velocity without a
dependency on Ant. This is caused by the pom of maven-jarjar-plugin
referencing ant as an optional dependency, the
libmaven-jarjar-plugin-java package doesn't depend on ant and Maven is
unable to resolve the dependency.

maven-jarjar-plugin contains the jarjar Ant task but it doesn't seem to
be used. The Ant task is already provided by the jarjar package, so I
don't think libmaven-jarjar-plugin-java should depend on ant.

This issue can be solved by marking the ant dependency in
maven-jarjar-plugin as provided.

Emmanuel Bourg

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