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On 14.06.2015 18:42, bastien ROUCARIÈS wrote:
> Package: src:jspwiki 
> Version:  2.8.0-6
> user:
> usertags: source-is-missing
> severity: serious
> X-Debbugs-CC:
> Hi,
> Your package includes some files that seem to lack sources
> in prefered forms of modification:
>     src/webdocs/scripts/posteditor.js
>     src/webdocs/scripts/mootools.js

Indeed these Javascript files are minified and are not the preferred
form of modification. I wonder if it is really worth to keep jspwiki
though. It has a very low popcon value and cannot be part of the main
distribution. Since Emmanuel has done some recent work on the package, I
think he should make this decision.


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