Hi all,

thanks for setting up the Debian package for the JAS jar and doc files.

There was some interest in having a complete and up-to-date package within the MathLibre maintainers. Prof. Hamada has given me some advice in setting up such a package for the use within MathLibre:

Am 18.09.2014 um 11:31 schrieb Tatsuyoshi HAMADA:
> I made a debian package with jas-2.5.4873-{src,doc}.zip and bin.jar.
> I extracted them and putted jar file, script, xpm, desktop files in
> the working directory:
> work/usr/local/jas
> work/usr/local/share/pixmaps
> work/usr/local/share/applications
> work/usr/local/bin
> In the working directory, archived to tar.gz:
>    tar cvzf jas-2.5.4873.tar.gz usr
> I used the command "alien" for converting to debian package,
>    EMAIL=ham...@fukuoka-u.ac.jp fakeroot alien -d jas-2.5.4873.tar.gz
> I got a deb package named jas_2.5.4873-2_all.deb
> I uploaded to the ftp site:
> http://fe.math.kobe-u.ac.jp/MathLibre-all/jas_2.5.4873-2_all.deb
> Could you check this package?
> I think you can install with this command in MathLibre
> sudo apt-get update
> sudo apt-get install jas

With this I am able to produce the following package:


however, I am not able to setup the dependencies and find the correct location outside of /usr/local for Debian. Could you give some help on this, or can you use this .deb to produce a correct package?

I have a (MathLibre) Debian VM (on OpenSUSE) where I can reproduce and publish the above .deb soon after a new release.

Best regards,
  Heinz Kredel

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