Le 20/08/2015 01:49, Kristoffer Rose a écrit :

> ANTLR4 is great, and I in fact need it. Anyone in yur group working on
> it? I can help.

Hi Kristoffer,

Thank you for offering your help. As far as I know nobody is working on
ANTLR4. I updated ANTLR 3 to the latest version recently and it looks
like the project structure of ANTLR 4 is very similar. I'd suggest
forking the antlr3 package repository and then adapting it for antlr4.

ANTLR 4 will need org.abego.treelayout.core 1.0.1 which hasn't been
packaged yet I think. The other dependencies are already available
(antlr 3.5.2, stringtemplate 4)

> Also, may I ask for whether you already know the individual members of a
> longer list of jars that I need?!?

Sure, tell us what you are looking for.

Emmanuel Bourg

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