Am 28.09.2015 um 16:36 schrieb Mark Carroll:
> Eclipse noticed that updates were available. I let it go ahead and do
> some updates, whereupon the XML stuff all appeared in the menus and my
> Maven stuff disappeared! (The standard m2e connector.) I've not figured
> this one out yet, but at least I have the workaround of doing XML stuff
> in Eclipse and Maven stuff in Netbeans.

I think you hit a common issue with Eclipse. The update mechanism
provided by Eclipse is not really compatible with Debian's packaging
system. Often it just works but sometimes you will experience weird bugs
due to incompatible versions. The only way to debug such a problem is to
deinstall all downloaded Eclipse plugins. If you still see the same bug
while only Debian packages are installed, then this is a Debian specific
bug or something we can forward upstream. Otherwise there is no way for
us to fix this issue because we have no control over the downloaded plugins.

I understand that this might not be a satisfactory answer but the only
way to avoid such bugs is to disable Eclipse's way of updating plugins
and to use the provided Debian packages whenever possible.



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