On 09/28/2015 04:25 PM, Markus Koschany wrote:
I think you hit a common issue with Eclipse. The update mechanism
provided by Eclipse is not really compatible with Debian's packaging
system. Often it just works but sometimes you will experience weird bugs
due to incompatible versions. The only way to debug such a problem is to
deinstall all downloaded Eclipse plugins.
I understand that this might not be a satisfactory answer but the only
way to avoid such bugs is to disable Eclipse's way of updating plugins
and to use the provided Debian packages whenever possible.

Aha, thank you very much for these clues. I wiped out everything in the
plugins directory in ~/.eclipse and anything related to m2e, then
reinstalled the maven add-on, and now I can see the XML stuff and the
Maven stuff both in Eclipse's UI! I guess I'd request Debian packaging
of the m2e Eclipse stuff so I don't have to touch the non-Debian add-on
sites at all but overall I am now much happier and I appreciate your
help. I'll try to avoid non-Debian offered updates in future and use the
add-on sites only when necessary.



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