Package: liblaf-widget-java
Severity: important
Usertags: oldlibs libasm2-java


liblaf-widget-java depends on libasm2-java, which is obsolete and was replaced 
libasm4-java. liblaf-widget-java should be ported to the new libasm4-java
version, so that we can remove the old, unmaintained one.

There are only four packages in Debian which depend on libasm2-java:

 - substance
 - liblaf-widget-java
 - jasperreports
 - commons-javaflow

substance and liblaf-widget-java are both five years old and there is no
indication of upstream development. substance is a build-dependency of
jajuk which is still actively developed but the Debian package is outdated.
jasperreports is also severely outdated. commons-javaflow has no
reverse-dependencies and a very low popcon value.

It would be great to "save" the first three packages, commons-javaflow should
probably be removed.



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