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Am 16.12.2015 um 16:26 schrieb Mattias Ellert:
> Hi!
> When I converted my Debian Java packages from mvn-debian, I used dh.
> All of them are affected by this issue:
> canl-java
> jglobus
> voms-api-java
> voms-clients-java


thanks for the additional information. First of all I agree with you
that maven-debian-helper (mdh) should not modify files in the debian
directory or debian/rules clean should restore everything.

I have never experienced this issue myself because I use cowbuilder and
git-buildpackage for all my packages and I never had to use a workaround
for mdh. I have tested voms-api-java and removed the override for
dh_auto_install and debian/mh_resolve_dependencies. The package builds
successfully with git-buildpackage and debuild -us -uc. So the
workaround is not strictly needed because the resulting package contains
only the original files in debian/* and the build process works as

Please note that you should add a ${maven:Depends} substvar to your
binary packages in debian/control, otherwise mh_resolve_dependencies is
indeed useless.

I think we should solve the issue that maven-debian-helper modifies and
creates files in debian/ and secondly we should review whether we need
mh_resolve_dependencies during the dh_auto_install step.



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