Source: saxonhe
Severity: normal

Dear Saxon(-HE) maintainer (and Java maintainers),

The Calabash XProc processor that I am packaging [1] uses some low-level
APIs of the XML parser Saxon; one cannot use a version of Calabash
compiled for Saxon 9.6 and run it using Saxon 9.7. Saxonica consider
this behaviour OK because 9.6 and 9.7 are seen as two different major

The version of Saxon present in sid is, you uploaded version to experimental in October, later superseded by your other
upload of version

My request is: could you please make it be possible to install multiple
major versions of Saxon at the same time?

Maybe changing the binary name, generating libsaxonhe96-java_9.6.0.7 and
libsaxonhe97-java_9.7.0.1 is a solution?



Gioele Barabucci <>

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