Am 30.12.2015 um 22:09 schrieb Paul Smith:
> Is this bug going to be addressed?  We haven't had an updated version of
> Eclipse available in almost 3 years now, as far as I can see because
> this "minor" severity bug is keeping newer versions from being
> detected... there have been 3 major versions of Eclipse released since
> the last update in Debian.
> Also see bug #789928 and bug #681726

We are well aware that there has been new releases of Eclipse during the
past years. It is certainly not the watch file which is preventing us
from packaging the latest software, it is the lack of people who want to
dedicate their time to this task. Just to mention a few points from the
TODO list:

1. Newer versions of Eclipse use a completely different build system
based on Tycho. Tycho must be packaged first.

2. It is not just the Eclipse core package, Eclipse consists of dozens
of separate modules which have their own Debian packages. All of them
must be updated as well.

3. There are several software projects which depend on Eclipse modules
or libraries. All of them have to be reviewed and probably updated too.

4. Eclipse consists of tens of thousands of different source files. They
have to be reviewed for inclusion into Debian main and someone has to
update the debian/copyright file.

Whoever wants to see a newer version of Eclipse in Debian must be
prepared to invest a lot of time. At this moment there are not enough
volunteers who want to undertake this task.


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