Source: openjfx
Severity: important
Usertags: libpng16-transition

Dear openjfx maintainer,

Currently we are preparing the transistion of libpng1.2 to libpng1.6.
The transistion bug is #650601.

A rebuilt of all packages depending on libpng-dev and libpng12-dev
has been done. The result with buildlogs can be found here:

openjfx FTBFS during this rebuild. The buildlog is available at

The Titanpad at might give
you clues about what went wrong as well as some recipes/pointers how
to fix them. Please feel free to amend the information on the pad as
you might see fit. A plain-text, non java-script version is here: 

Please try to make openjfx compatible with libpng16 and then make
sure to B-D on libpng-dev only, if the fix makes it possible to
compile it against libdev12 and libdev16. If you can only make in a
non-backward compatible way, please B-D on libpng16-dev. 

This bug will become RC as soon as the transistion starts.

Best regards, 

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