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Le 14/02/2016 01:38, Daniel Schepler a écrit :

> When I rebuild velocity using pbuilder, the build succeeds; however, the 
> result only has a couple dependencies as compared to the set in the official 
> package:

Actually this is normal. The provided dependencies are no longer added
to the package dependencies since maven-debian-helper 1.6.8. These
dependencies are supposed to be pulled by the package calling velocity
and requiring them.

This change was necessary because some packages had excessive dependency
sets caused by the provided Maven dependencies. A common example is the
Servlet API, it's often found as a provided dependency and it shouldn't
be added to the package dependencies since it's provided by the
container running the code anyway.

> (The way I discovered this is in my archive rebuild scripts that dogfood the 
> results to build other packages.  Without the dependency of velocity on ant, 
> maven-debian-helper no longer indirectly pulls in ant, and I've started 
> seeing 
> a few packages that FTBFS because of that.)

Which packages did you see failing to build? Their build dependencies
should be updated if they accidentally relied on the dependencies pulled
by velocity through maven-debian-helper.

Emmanuel Bourg

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