Le 8/06/2016 à 15:18, Ondřej Surý a écrit :

> java/lib/icepatch2-3.6.2.pom --artifact=java/lib/icepatch2-3.6.2.jar
> java/lib/glacier2-3.6.2.pom --artifact=java/lib/glacier2-3.6.2.jar
> java/lib/freeze-3.6.2.pom --artifact=java/lib/freeze-3.6.2.jar

Thank you for the example. mh_install supports wildcards for the
--artifact parameter. You can write something like this:

    path/to/pom.xml --artifact=lib/foo-*.jar

But this won't work with your example since the path of the pom also
contains the version number.

I'm not sure we can easily interface mh_install with dh-exec, but it
should be possible to teach him to expand the environment variables.

Emmanuel Bourg

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