I think i found the reason why [stomp] is not getting recognised.

I am running Ubuntu Server 16.04 and I was trying to get activemq 5.13.2 to
work with stomp+nio as the transport scheme but it was giving me the same
error as you.

I downloaded the compiled binary files from
http://activemq.apache.org/download.html and extracted them and compared
them with my activemq libraries. Turns out activemq-stomp.x.x.x.jar is

I just copied the activemq-stomp.x.x.x.jar from the optional binaries
to /usr/share/activemq/lib
and I tried starting activemq again and it works.

Not sure why the optional binaries were not included in the default
activemq installations.

Hope this helps.

With Warm Regards,
Zane J. Chua
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