On 06/18/2016 03:04 PM, tony mancill wrote:
> On 06/17/2016 07:23 PM, koanhead wrote:
>> Package: cronometer
>> Version: 0.9.9+dfsg-1
>> Severity: normal
>> Dear Maintainer,
>> When attempting to select text in Recipe Editor, Nutrients tab, General tab,
>> all the data in the table is 'grayed out' and not selectable. This makes it
>> impossible to copy-paste this data and share it.
> Hi,
> Thank you for the bug report.  Is this new behavior, or are you
> reporting a general (upstream) bug with the software?

I'm not sure, in that I've never tried it before so I can't say
definitively that it's new behavior in the program. It's certainly new
behavior *to me*, but that doesn't mean much.

> Perhaps someone will fork the project and continue development on the
> standalone client.

Unfortunately I don't know Java, so that person is unlikely to be me-
but since Cronometer stores its data in XML I might be able to work
something up either to import that data into another program or make
another program that uses the data.

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