Le 18/07/2016 à 22:19, Markus Koschany a écrit :

> Tomcat 6 should not be included in Stretch since it reaches
> end-of-life on 31 December 2016. [1]

The EOL doesn't really matter here since there is only the Servlet API
left in src:tomcat6 and it doesn't really induce a maintenance burden
(the API is immutable and unaffected by security issues).

> There is now only one package that depends on libservlet2.5-java,
> libfreemarker-java. [2]

Actually I fixed it last month but forgot to close the bug (#801011). If
I'm not mistaken at this point there is no build dependency left on
libservlet2.5-java. There is one package that requires it but doesn't
declare the dependency, that's resteasy (it currently fails to build,
see #830819). This one is tricky because it can't be upgraded easily to
a more recent version without a significant refactoring. Resteasy
contains a simple web server implementation known as TJWS based on the
Servlet API 2.5. It's used for exposing REST services. Fortunately it is
being deprecated upstream and we don't really need it in Debian. I
prepared an update removing it but it requires jaxrs-api which is
currently in the NEW queue.

Emmanuel Bourg

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