On 07/24/2016 09:41 PM, Markus Koschany wrote:

> I'm not sure why I could build activemq in my chroot this morning and
> why it now fails with the error above. I have updated the maven rule for
> org.springframework to use the debian version instead of the 3.x
> version. I'm not sure why we ship a 3.x version and debian version for
> Spring (e.g. libspring-context-java) in the same package, probably
> because we want to ensure backwards compatibility.

I"ve updated libspring-java two days ago and I relocated the 3.x
artifacts to the 'debian' version (using the new --relocate option in
maven-repo-helper 1.9). I fail to understand why the relocation didn't
work for activemq. We'll probably have other packages failing to build
due to this. Give me some time to investigate this before fixing them,
if I made a mistake with libspring-java a single update is likely to fix
all the packages affected.

Emmanuel Bourg

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