Michael Prokop a écrit le 28/07/2016 à 00:33 :
> Package: sikuli-ide
> Version: 1.1.0-1~exp3
> Severity: wishlist
> Hi,
> (Cc-ing intrigeri who kindly pointed me towards sikuli and it works
> fine so far for us, thx!)
> In experimental I see sikuli version 1.1.0-1~exp3 dating back to
> 2016-03-18 (and was released by upstream on 2015-10-07 according to
> https://github.com/RaiMan/SikuliX-2014/releases), though there was
> no change since then regarding upload towards unstable or so.
> In unstable and testing we currently have
> 1.0~x~rc3.tesseract3-dfsg1-12 which seems to date back to 2011-09-15
> upstream wise.
> In terms of the upcoming stretch release it might be nice to clarify
> the situation WRT sikuli versions in Debian? Is there anything
> specific holding you back from uploading 1.1.0-1~exp3 towards
> unstable so it could end up in stretch?

Thanks for you interest in Sikuli. I was very enthusiastic when I
discovered it back in 2011.

But now I have some concerns about the way Sikuli (now SikuliX) is
maintained upstream, since the MIT orphaned their project. I can't see a
clear roadmap; some bugs just stage for months with no activity. I'm
afraid that SikuliX 1.1.0 might be of poor quality for now. That's why
I've been keeping it into experimental for so long.

BTW I'm not using it as much as I used to. If you think that release
1.1.0 is good enough for unstable, please tell me, I'll do the transition.

> BTW and JFYI (in case you aren't aware yet): "SikuliX version 2.0.0
> to be released end 2016": https://github.com/RaiMan/SikuliX2

SikuliX 1.1.0 was first expected some 2 years before its effective
release, then continuously drifted one month at a time with an announce
like "release by the end of this month".

And I fail to see any significant activity on SikuliX2 github
repository. That's understandable : there is a lot of work to do on
release 1.1.x yet.

> Thanks for maintaining sikuli-ide!

Thank you!


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