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> Files:
>  70c1a6ff3530b04e6ad62d33ff99592a 1969 java optional cup_0.11a+20060608-8.dsc
>  a17d8727b785eed718e448c9dca0b13c 6148 java optional 
> cup_0.11a+20060608-8.debian.tar.xz
>  6be68ae5d67dfc667d3582757e6a3612 127308 java optional 
> cup_0.11a+20060608-8_all.deb

Dear Debian Java Maintainers:

Thank you for fixing this bug.

I have a question: Is there a particular reason why you are still not
doing source-only uploads?

Source-only uploads are particularly interesting for "Arch: all"
packages, because it's a way to double-check for package correctness
(FTBFS bugs in particular).

Ordinary uploads for "Arch: any" are tested by all the arch-dependent
autobuilders, so the effect of not doing source-only uploads in "Arch: all"
packages is that they are tested a lot less than "Arch: any" packages.


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