severity 834744 serious
tags 834744 - unreproducible

Sorry, but missing build-dependencies are RC, and they have always been.

On Mon, 22 Aug 2016, Markus Koschany wrote:

> This package builds fine in a clean cowbuilder chroot environment

No, it does not. If the chroot environment includes gnupg, then
it's *not* a clean chroot.

To reproduce, please build in a chroot *not* having gnupg installed.

If you can't do that with cowbuilder, try sbuild.

I attach a full build log.

Please attach also your build log made with sbuild in a chroot *not*
having gnupg installed, so that we can compare.

If you can't reproduce a bug you should ask the submitter for a way
to reproduce it, not silently downgrade the bug and mark it as
unreproducible without telling the submitter.

Moreover, the bug report clearly said "missing build-depends" (it is
in the subject and it's difficult to miss) and it even included a
patch. Are you really unable to reproduce it, or you just "don't want"
to reproduce it?


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