Le 4/10/2016 à 22:18, Chris Chiappa a écrit :

> /etc/default/jetty says:
> # Listen to connections from this network host
> # Use as host to accept all connections.
> # Uncomment to restrict access to localhost
> #JETTY_HOST=$(uname -n)
> However, setting JETTY_HOST to the actual host name causes it to still
> be reachable from third party hosts.  I need to explicitly set it to
> "localhost" to get it to only be reachable from localhost.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the feedback. Note that Jetty 6 is quite old and has been
removed from the next stable release (Stretch). Switching to the jetty8
package (or jetty9 in the Jessie backports) is recommended. jetty8 has
the same comment in its /etc/default file and is probably affected by
the same issue, but the JETTY_HOST variable has been removed from the
jetty9 package (the host is now configured in the /etc/jetty9/start.ini

Emmanuel Bourg

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