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sorry, I broke this with the patch from #830222: In commit 8c69d33, I moved
the "JAVA" environment variable to the init script, as it cannot not be used
in the systemd unit file (that requires absolute executable paths).

However, other ZooKeeper tools rely on it being set in zkEnv.sh, which is
symlinked to /etc/zookeeper/conf/environment on Debian.
This not only affects zkCli.sh, but also zkCleanup.sh and zkServer.sh. Another
similar situation occurs for zkServer.sh, which relies on "$ZOOCFGDIR". Even
though that script is not used by the init files from zookeeperd, it is still
part of the zookeeper package and should probably be working as well.

I think the easiest solution is to just re-add the variables to the
environment file, the attached patch does that.

An alternative would be changing the scripts to not use "$JAVA" and
"$ZOOCFGDIR", but that would required patching the upstream files. Or remove
the symlink and use another zkEnv.sh (like the one from upstream), but I can't
comprehend the implications of that.

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