Le 21/10/2016 à 12:08, 殷啟聰 a écrit :
> I adjusted the indentation to 4 spaces and sorted the imports.

Thanks, looks better now :)

> A large number of packages builds multiple binary packages, where the
> maintainer need to specify which JARs should be installed to which
> binary packages. For now it is not clear which way is the best to
> handle this situation, so maybe we can think about generating
> $package.pom afterwards.

Ok, sounds fair.

> Finally, I think the `:clean` task simply removes the entire
> $buildDir, so maybe we don't need to declare the removal actions? I
> tested the plugin on various packages and `debuild clean` worked
> perfectly.

Sorry I misunderstood what $buildDir referred to. I thought the .pom
files were generated in the debian directory with the other packaging
files (control, changelog, rules, etc). If that's the build directory of
the Gradle module then that's fine.

It looks ok to me. Feel free to merge the changes and even upload the
new version if you want (that would be 1.4 since there is a new feature).

Emmanuel Bourg

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