Le 12/11/2016 à 09:05, 殷啟聰 a écrit :
> Hi Vincent,
> Thank you for the report. In fact I have patched
> libnative-platform-java/0.11-4 to work with gradle/2.13, see [1].

The fact is that this patch does not seem to be enough. Currently,
gradle/2.13 in testing/unstable do *not* work with
libnative-platform-java/0.11-4 (also in testing/unstable).

> Turns out the upstream developer suddenly renamed the class without
> any transition.
> I do not make sure this patch works for gradle/2.13 building all
> packages, but I can make sure that it works when building gradle/3.1-1
> using gradle/2.13.
> Now that everything is ready, we will upload gradle/3.1-1 soon, but
> I'm still waiting for Emmanuel's sponsor. Let's not flag
> libnative-platform-java/0.11-4 Breaks gradle (<< 3.1) for the time
> being, as it will render gradle and libnative-platform-java
> uninstallable.

  The current situation generates FTBFS from other packages (including
gradle 2.13 itself). And it blocks development on other java software.
  Do you know when gradle 3.1 will be uploaded? If it is longer that
one week, some other workarounds should be put in place in order to
get a working gradle in the archive in between (a libnative-plateform-java/
0.11-4+really0.10 for example)
  Emmanuel: do you think that gradle 3.1 can be uploaded?


> [1]: 
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-java/libnative-platform-java.git/tree/debian/additionalSrc/PosixFile.java?h=debian/0.11-4

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