Hi Emmanuel,

I do not use any wrapper script, I just everything provided by the native Debian
package (latexdraw) and I juste run it after installation using terminal and saw
the warning message (its a chance!).
Also why it is not the case for the scala-library package on which it depends?
I mean its installation generates following symlinks:
scala-actors-2.11.jar -> scala-actors-2.11.8.jar
scala-actors.jar -> scala-actors-2.11.8.jar
scala-library-2.11.jar -> scala-library-2.11.8.jar
scala-library.jar -> scala-library-2.11.8.jar
scala-reflect-2.11.jar -> scala-reflect-2.11.8.jar
scala-reflect.jar -> scala-reflect-2.11.8.jar
So if the default is installing Scala 2.11, why not for the corresponding
But ok, I will see to create a wrapper based on the latexdraw package wrapper


Le mardi 29 novembre 2016 à 00:21 +0100, Emmanuel Bourg a écrit :
> Hi Patrice,
> Scala libraries are built for a specific version of the runtime
> (different versions of the runtime aren't fully compatible) Here
> scala-parser-combinators was built with Scala 2.11 and the jar installed
> in /usr/share/java contains the scala version to make this clear. So you
> simply have to modify the find_jar directive of your wrapper script and
> look for scala-parser-combinator_2.11 instead of scala-parser-combinator.
> Emmanuel Bourg

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