hello all,

gregor herrmann <gre...@debian.org> writes:
>> - seems to happen only at runtime?
> That's what confused my as well ...
>> > added to debian/patches/50_jgoodies-1.9.patch, but when starting
>> > freeplane I then only see an empty white windows.
>> I could reproduce this once after updating my sid (but not previously
>> when updating jgoodies but not sid). Could you please try another
>> desktop environment?
> I don't have any desktop enviroments installed :)
> (Just awesome as a window manager.)
>> If that does not work, you can rename ~/.config/freeplane.
>> This worked for me, and I can no longer reproduce the bug
>> even when starting with the old ~/.config/freeplane.
> I've now rebuilt freeplane from git, and installed it.
> Again, I only get (a question about standard.mm) and then a white
> window.
> After blowing away ~/.config/freeplane, I don't get the dialog but a
> white windows with a title of "whatsNew-1.5.x - Freeplane - Mind map
> mode (Read Only) /usr/share/freeplane/doc/whatsNew-1.5.x.mm".

That is ok - if you don't have ~/.config/freeplane, the user is
presented with the map of features that are new in 1.5.x.

> Oh, interesting, I can right-click, get a menu, can choose
> fullscreen, and then I see a mindmap. I can also enable the menubar
> etc.
> When I leave fullscreen mode, all is gone (the mindmap as well as the
> menubar ...).
> Back in fullscreen mode, when I enter the configuration, I get an
> empty grey window.
> Anyway, it's well possible that this is all another problem and
> related to some interaction between my window manager and
> java/freeplane.

Not probable, as I could see it under GNOME3 :-/

Please tell me if this issue pops up again.

> And I can confirm that the updated patch in git gets rid of the
> error.

@Tony: Could you upload freeplane-1.5.16-3 from git

I will work on understanding the issue in parallel.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Felix Natter

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