On Mon, Dec 26, 2016 at 09:38:09PM +0000, George Bateman wrote:
> An Ant build script for a Java package intended to be used with Oracle
> Java would not build, as it could not find the openjfx library. I had to
> modify the Ant script to add /usr/share/java/openjfx/jre/lib/ext/jfxrt.jar
> to its classpath manually, even though this would not have been necessary
> if I'd been using Oracle Java.
> By experimentation I found out that the package openjfx had to be installed
> in addition to libopenjfx-java for the script to automatically be able
> to use the library without adding it to the classpath manually, but it
> should have been made clear on both packages' description pages that
> this was the case.

Hi George,

Thank you for reporting this issue.  I ran into the same problem with a
gradle-based package during the packaging of easybind.  I thought it
better to patch [1] the build system than to add a build-dep on openjfx.

I haven't looked into the openjfx/libopenjfx-java packaging yet, but I'm
wondering if we can either (a) fix this in libopenjfx-java, or (b) patch
up the Debian build toolchain to find the openjfx JARs.  I suspect we'll
see a big increase in the number of OpenJFX packages in the next release



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